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Black Magic Removal

If you work hard day and night and give your best output at office, but still do not see the kind of career growth.

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Vashikaran Specialist

Children experience life through play. They have to experiment with all sorts of things before their future paths.

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Finanical Problem

The detailed astrological study of your planets and stars helps you to know the possible negative effects of the malefic planets.

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Family Problem

Health is wealth and better health is truly of paramount importance to human happiness and their well being.

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Top and Best Astrologer in Bangalore - Indian Famous Astrologer well known for his approach in interpreting the "readings" and his delivery of information is very simple, direct and practical .

Welcome To Indian Famous Astrologer

Are you searching for the best astrologer in Karnataka for soothing all your problems and issues that disrupt your personal and professional life? Indian astrology would be your best choice to get rid of the problems in your life and lead a peaceful life. Many people in Karnataka consider Indian astrology as a panacea to solve all their problems. You can also give it a try.

Whether it is the issues in the relationships, constant setbacks in the business or health issues, all problems can be solved easily with the magic power of astrology. The popularity of Indian astrologers in Karnataka increase day by day due to the positive impact they create in the life of people.

Day by day, the number of clients approaching me is increasing due to the raising popularity of Indian Famous Astrology in Karnataka. I have been offering an extensive range of astrology services in Karnataka for more than a decade now. I helped thousands of people to solve their various issues and lead a happy life. You can contact me directly via email, telephone or WhatsApp. You can also fill the contact form with your details and I will directly contact you within 24 hours.

I provide astrological prediction service in Karnataka to help people figure out their future or fate. The prediction helps people to find out the approaching dangers or upcoming success in their life and be prepared for it. My accurate predictions astonished many people and they consider me as the best astrologer in Karnataka.

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Remedial Solutions

Remedial Solutions is a boon and it's use has been given to man kind for changing the course of his/her life events in order to avoid misery, agony and hardships caused by evil/malefic influences of certain inauspicious combinations of planets by taking certain appropriate and timely remedial solutions. The divine and the most important utility of astrology is to forewarn human being about the future difficulties and enable him to forwarm himself to face difficulties, obstacles , calamities and to take appropriate remedial solutions to overcome and minimize the evil/malefic effects of the planets.


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Top and Best Astrologer in Bangalore - Indian Famous Astrologer well known for his approach in interpreting the "readings" and his delivery of information is very simple, direct and practical .

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Astrology Tips

Believing in the goodness of those who believe in goodness when traveling away from home.

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Jobs - Tips for Astrology

Saturn plays an important role in Indian career as astrology and career.

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Vastu Astorology Tips

I'm going to let you know something interesting today, telling everyone.



Manager, Partners

Sir is the best astrologer I have ever met. I had confusion of two timings of my date of birth, he asked me many questions about my life regarding both timings.

Manjula Raki

House Wife

I really liked this astrologer . It is the best astrologer in Bangalore in my view. I had a great experience with Sriravindra Bhatt Guruji. He has a great knowledge about astrology.


Student, Parama College

very best astrologer in Bangalore...I still had any questions to be clarified. His fees is very nominal and it was very clear during my interaction that fees was not his motive at all.